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Zimbabwe Diaspora Building Materials Zimbabwe Diaspora Building Materials

We sell building materials for Zimbabweans based in the United Kingdom and abroad. Our supply chain is Greater Harare based visit our website for more details

Cement For Sale In H £7.50 GBP

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Sand, Stone,Gravel and other Building materials Sand, Stone,Gravel and other Building materials

1) We supply Sand, Stone,Gravel and other Building materials. 2) We provide removal and transportation of rubble  3) We provide removal of Waste and Refuse  We have : 1) 10 cubic metre trucks  2) 18 cubic metre trucks  We operate in and around the Harare Area.  Call: Peter - 0774 168 262 or 077 228 1441

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we stock all types of clay bricks from entry level semi-commons to the most decorative and durable blu black rustics all at competative prices pls contact us e.dftlogistics,Google+,skype matewu84,t +263 772 562 226 SA +27 83 748 4260.

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